Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slept like a baby

I am a good sleeper. I think I always have been. I lay down, I fall asleep, I stay asleep, and I think sometimes I would just keep sleeping forever if some outside force did not wake me up. That being said, I made a fascinating discovery last night. My baby girl has gone off to college which is super fun, super exciting, and super weird because she's 6 hours away and her absence has totally changed the family dynamic. (ie, those of us at home are all getting fatter which is a problem we need to resolve ASAP but I digress) Anyhoo, she came home last night to spend the weekend of her Fall Break sleeping in her own bed. I did not realize, until I woke up this morning, that I have not actually been sleeping as well since she left. There is a low level hum of disquietude(?)in my psyche as a result of her absence that I just did not acknowledge until the moment at which I realized, last night, that both my kids were home, in their beds, in my house and we were all together again. I achieved a level of harmonious relaxation that has been missing since she left. It was startling. I have to wonder if parents ever get "used" to that. They must. I hope so.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Had a super fun weekend.  Got to hang out with some long time friends (note I did not call them OLD FRIENDS).

Went riding (which I have not done in at least 20 years and my arse is paying for it today, but it was totally worth it):

We are piglet sitting our second runt, and we have seriously bonded with this little guy "Bean the Wonder Pig" which is a bummer because he has to go home on Wednesday.  For some reason I cannot upload his photo here, which is irritating, because he is super cute.  Later.

Went to see a movie (yes, like, in a theatre, which I haven't done in aeons), Girl Most Likely.

I LOVED this movie.  I would actually go see it again.  I like Kristen Wiig.  I never saw her on SNL, so my first introduction to her was in Bridesmaids.  This has a similar feel, though the humor is less ...I don't know....low brow.... and there's a more developed family story that is very poignant.  I give it two thumbs up.

Seriously, it was kind of a perfect weekend since it contained almost all of the crucial "good weekend elements"  -- a run, nice drive, friends, nap, movie, dinner, margaritas, sleeping in, outdoor activities, catching up, much laughter, and then home to a meal I did not have to prepare myself! The only possible element missing was saltwater, but still, I give it a 10!  YAY!

I leave Sunday for vacation.  I have not had a real vacation (ie, one that was not just a long weekend tacked on to the end of work travel) since last Fall (Paris!) so I am very much looking forward to the break.

I need more vacations.  Must give this some thought.