Thursday, November 10, 2011


Who me?  Oh just working my arse off and eating my body weight in these:

Yes, seriously.  I LOVE GINGER SNAPS.  Ginger anything is delicious and I just love the word "snap."  As in, "OH SNAP....I haven't written a blog post in, like, forever, I bet everyone thinks I'm dead.  Again." 


I have a new job.  It's bigger than the old job.  I spend more time at work than I used to, but so far, that seems fair all things considered.

The book I'm writing is collecting dust.  That's a little bit of a bummer, but can't seem to be helped.

I'm running a race this weekend, at the beach.  It will be good I think, regardless of the outcome.  There will be friends there and we will play afterwards and I really need a day off, so I can't wait!

Other than that I think the planet has really gotten itself into quite a predicament and I'm just not sure what to do about that.  But it's just a big ol' hot mess, dontcha think?  I mean regardless of which KIND of hot mess you think it is, and I appreciate we aren't all at the table of agreement on this, and that's cool, you just can't wave a stick these days with hitting some kind of mess.  Lordy be.

We need to figure some of this stuff out people.