Monday, February 27, 2012


Like nails on a chalkboard, splinters in your feet, an eyelash that you cannot get out of your eye....

My hospital is undergoing a "surprise" accreditation visit this week.  This, on top of a long weekend and a too short night of sleep (at the hands of someone who knows better) are contributing to a grinding sort of irritation that is generally just reserved for afternoons in the DMV and meetings dragged on by people asking redundant and stupid questions.

It is far too soon to wish it was already Friday. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things I love

I liked Florence (and her Machine).  I thought she was different and interesting, in spite of her wacky videos. (I think I've exceeded the "video relevance" age or something, as they all just seem sort of pointless.  I find I'd rather just watch live performances, than some contrived bullshit where the artists head is superimposed on some futuristic spider marching across a barren landscape of wilted tulips (hello Gotye, this means you) just all seems incredibly stupid and self indulgent.  ANYHOO.)

So, I think her face painted histrionic gyrations sort of put me off digging a little deeper into her repertoire.  Thanks to my darling daughter, however, who made me a Mommy Birthday Mix this week which included a FATM song that I'd never heard, I spent a few minutes youtube-ing her, only to discover, to my great delight, that she has a pretty deep library of tunes that, for the most part, I adore.

It doesn't hurt that she's mesmerizing to watch, and has an Annie Lennox kind of range, but I actually like the tunes and I LOVE her covers.

Check her out!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Stuff

It was my birthday this weekend, and it was most enjoyable.  I got to see a bunch of friends, and then on Sunday, I spent most of the day effing off, which is SO RARE.  I literally did not take my pajamas off until we went over to a friend's house for dinner at 3.  INCREDIBLY DECADENT since effing off is not in my genetic make up.

I am addicted to ipad scrabble. 

I got some awesome presents.  Some of which I picked out myself, and some of which I didn't, but they were all stellar.

This little guy, in particular, is pretty awesome. 

Hoops and YoYo are Hallmark characters with these obnoxiously squeaky voices.  When you push the button they start screaming "DON'T PANIC!! DON'T PANIC!!!! DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!"  It's enough to send you right into an anxiety attack.


Clearly this gift-giver knows me fairly well.  ;)

Good Stuff

Greetings Friends! 

Happy Monday.  We're having a snowy Monday here....enough that it's pretty, not enough that it impedes productivity.  PERFECT! 

I have some random fun things to share, both of which can be filed under "super cuteness."

Exhibit A

(That it totally something I would do.  Not necessarily over sloths, though I do find them to be incredibly adorable)

Exhibit B
You have to look through the archives to appreciate the full cuteness, though I'm pretty partial to the most recent post, Pusheen's Guide to Fancy.

(Yes, in case you're suddenly wondering, I DO love Hello Kitty....dur!  If I were single, I'd contemplate having an entire Hello Kitty Kitchen.  They make toasters, and blenders and a full line of kitchen accessories.  So completely over the top silly.  For now I'll settle for the Hello Kitty duck tape I picked up at Target the other day.  I mean, who DOESN'T need THAT?)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Universe

Remember when I wrote you a little note and asked you for an IPAD?

I can't  remember when that was.  It was a while back, though.  So far back, in fact, that I tried searching through my blog archives and got so distracted by how many posts I've written (who knew??) that I gave up looking.


THANK YOU FOR MY IPDAD!!!!!  I am SO happy and SO grateful and I will never EVER EVER doubt the power of the universe to deliver good things to those who wait patiently ever again.

Seriously, ya'll, I was sitting in a staff meeting this afternoon, not really paying attention to our guest speakers who are going on and on about the MISSION and those silly little MISSION RELATED RESOLUTIONS that some of us posted and how MEANINGFUL some of them were and how they awarded PRIZES to a few people who wrote good ones or something.  I mean I'm barely looking at these people because I can't remember what I even wrote, or if I did write something, when all of a sudden they're saying MY NAME and handing me a really heavy gift bag.


I can barely stand myself right now I am so excited.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!



Having been out of town unexpectedly for a week, at the beginning of what is the busiest half a year in my job has resulted in a bit of a proverbial ass kicking for me.

However, I arrived at the solution to my woes, last night, while watching Star Wars.

I need a Padme!

Remember Queen Amidala (a name my children could NEVER seem to pronounce the same way twice when they were little) from Star Wars fame?  She had a "decoy" named Padme.  While Queen Amidala was presiding over the Senate, Padme was home paying the bills.  Or while Queen Amidala was listening to her constituents grip about land disputes, Padme was out kicking some rebel booty.

It occured to me this morning that clearly the whole reason why I have not achieved world domination on my (admittedly) aggressive timeline is that I'm missing my back-up, my doppelganger, my surrogate, my second pair of hands....

DUH! I'm embarrassed, frankly, that I have not thought of this sooner.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I completely forgot how much I enjoy Richie Havens:

Good stuff!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wake up and smell the coffee

Good Morning Universe,

Just writing to thank you for the recent speed bump in my existence.  While we definitely scraped the bottom of the car on this one, we fortunately do not appear to have done any permanent structural damage, and the resulting post bump inspection and tune up have been instructive and for the most part, enjoyable.  Thank you for the reminder that we should never assume the road will always be straight or flat and that we must always stay alert behind the wheel.  Message received.  Over and out!