Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Having been out of town unexpectedly for a week, at the beginning of what is the busiest half a year in my job has resulted in a bit of a proverbial ass kicking for me.

However, I arrived at the solution to my woes, last night, while watching Star Wars.

I need a Padme!

Remember Queen Amidala (a name my children could NEVER seem to pronounce the same way twice when they were little) from Star Wars fame?  She had a "decoy" named Padme.  While Queen Amidala was presiding over the Senate, Padme was home paying the bills.  Or while Queen Amidala was listening to her constituents grip about land disputes, Padme was out kicking some rebel booty.

It occured to me this morning that clearly the whole reason why I have not achieved world domination on my (admittedly) aggressive timeline is that I'm missing my back-up, my doppelganger, my surrogate, my second pair of hands....

DUH! I'm embarrassed, frankly, that I have not thought of this sooner.

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