Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Stuff

It was my birthday this weekend, and it was most enjoyable.  I got to see a bunch of friends, and then on Sunday, I spent most of the day effing off, which is SO RARE.  I literally did not take my pajamas off until we went over to a friend's house for dinner at 3.  INCREDIBLY DECADENT since effing off is not in my genetic make up.

I am addicted to ipad scrabble. 

I got some awesome presents.  Some of which I picked out myself, and some of which I didn't, but they were all stellar.

This little guy, in particular, is pretty awesome. 

Hoops and YoYo are Hallmark characters with these obnoxiously squeaky voices.  When you push the button they start screaming "DON'T PANIC!! DON'T PANIC!!!! DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!"  It's enough to send you right into an anxiety attack.


Clearly this gift-giver knows me fairly well.  ;)

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