Monday, July 30, 2012


I missed the opening ceremonies, which was a bummer. I love those!  But, making sure my son was not doing drugs while we were trying to cover that music festival precluded me from having the time to stream it live around the campfire.

A couple of thoughts though, having had an evening to catch up:

Missy Franklin is the cutest thing ever.  Love her.

The men's diving teams all need bigger speedos. Really. It's so distracting ... In a bad way. Ditto women's volleyball, but that's been an issue for a while. If the men's swim team's suits can get THAT much bigger over the years, why are the diving team's suits getting smaller?   Stop it. Please.

Proposing to your fiancé from your medal podium might just be the most romantically cool thing ever.

Americans are pretty good looking.  This whole team is a fine looking bunch. Way to represent.

I think crying at the Olympics is totally appropriate. Whether its because you won or lost. Also, tattooing the rings on your body if you win a medal is also completely appropriate. You earned that shit!!!

Feet are funny

March Fourth!

We're you the jock type in high school?  We're you super cool, leading a band of ardent worshipping followers?  Did you have dates a plenty, and throw awesome parties that everyone wanted to attend?

If so, this note is not for you, so feel free to just walk away and check back for a future post.

If however, your only extracurricular activities in high school involved drama or band.....I am talking to YOU!

It's not the same if you don't see it live.....but this was an amazing experience:

Never.....ever ever!

I try to stay away from saying things like "I never....." because life is funny and has a vicious and sneaky sense of irony and the minute you utter those words you've laid a very tempting little trap for the Fates.


I made a little mental list of things this weekend that, at this discerning "middle" age that I have achieved, I am going to confidently set forth as things I never plan to do:

I am never going to get a big whopping tattoo on the front of my chest.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, it's just not for me.

I am never going to dreadlock my hair. At least not on purpose, though I can see after four days at festival without a proper shampooing, how easy this would be to accomplish.  Ditto, if this is your thing, and you can manage to hold down a job somewhere with such a coiffure, then kudos to you.

I am never going to gauge my ears. (if you don't even know what this means, then you can just go ahead and add this to your 'never' list, too ).  There is something wrong with this.  It looks unattractive, and painful and is a bit of a liability when twirling about in a crowd of people.

I am never going to be up at 4 am leading a drum circle around a campfire.   This is not wrong. Just a little annoying.

I am never going to use a port-a-potty barefooted. Never never. I will pee in the grass, next to it before I will walk in there without shoes.  This is SO SO wrong. Period.

The fact that I will never do any of those things singularly, sets me wildly apart from a very large group of folks who were doing those things in tandem or triplicate all around me this weekend.

I had my moments of hippiness. (right?  I know at least one of you was with me during this phase). It's just that, somehow, in the fading light of my memory, we were cleaner. And we smelled better. And we had enough sense not to contract ringworm.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekend Plans

Enough already with the waves of boiling, lava hot days.  Yikes!  I like heat, but enough already!

Am headed here for the weekend:

To do a little sidework reporting for this outfit here:

So many little time!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Facebook Etiquette

How long should one wait before removing a dead person's profile from Facebook?

Does that follow along with the time frame for emptying their closets?  Settling their estate?  Selling their furniture?  Spreading their ashes?

Or, perhaps, should Facebook not even be on that morbid little to-do list?  I could see how there might be some comfort to keeping a lost loved one's profile active for a while...maybe even forever? 

I have a friend, who died, a year ago, now.  And when I log in to The Book, he's on my little notification list of people who have "poked" me.  Ah HA, you might be thinking....clearly he was not a good friend, because a GOOD friend would know better than to poke me in the first place.  You are correct, he was a good friend, a bestest friend, of my husband's.  It, therefore, is irrelevant to me, in the end, whether his profile stays or goes, but it did and does continue to make me wonder about it. 

I was SO curious that I googled it, and, sure enough, there were plenty of posts on the subject.  Who knew?

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm back

Only not really back "enough" to write anything eloquent....this, therefore, is hilarious and should keep you busy until I'm really and truly back.