Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Facebook Etiquette

How long should one wait before removing a dead person's profile from Facebook?

Does that follow along with the time frame for emptying their closets?  Settling their estate?  Selling their furniture?  Spreading their ashes?

Or, perhaps, should Facebook not even be on that morbid little to-do list?  I could see how there might be some comfort to keeping a lost loved one's profile active for a while...maybe even forever? 

I have a friend, who died, a year ago, now.  And when I log in to The Book, he's on my little notification list of people who have "poked" me.  Ah HA, you might be thinking....clearly he was not a good friend, because a GOOD friend would know better than to poke me in the first place.  You are correct, he was a good friend, a bestest friend, of my husband's.  It, therefore, is irrelevant to me, in the end, whether his profile stays or goes, but it did and does continue to make me wonder about it. 

I was SO curious that I googled it, and, sure enough, there were plenty of posts on the subject.  Who knew?


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