Monday, July 30, 2012


I missed the opening ceremonies, which was a bummer. I love those!  But, making sure my son was not doing drugs while we were trying to cover that music festival precluded me from having the time to stream it live around the campfire.

A couple of thoughts though, having had an evening to catch up:

Missy Franklin is the cutest thing ever.  Love her.

The men's diving teams all need bigger speedos. Really. It's so distracting ... In a bad way. Ditto women's volleyball, but that's been an issue for a while. If the men's swim team's suits can get THAT much bigger over the years, why are the diving team's suits getting smaller?   Stop it. Please.

Proposing to your fiancé from your medal podium might just be the most romantically cool thing ever.

Americans are pretty good looking.  This whole team is a fine looking bunch. Way to represent.

I think crying at the Olympics is totally appropriate. Whether its because you won or lost. Also, tattooing the rings on your body if you win a medal is also completely appropriate. You earned that shit!!!

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