Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things I love

I liked Florence (and her Machine).  I thought she was different and interesting, in spite of her wacky videos. (I think I've exceeded the "video relevance" age or something, as they all just seem sort of pointless.  I find I'd rather just watch live performances, than some contrived bullshit where the artists head is superimposed on some futuristic spider marching across a barren landscape of wilted tulips (hello Gotye, this means you) just all seems incredibly stupid and self indulgent.  ANYHOO.)

So, I think her face painted histrionic gyrations sort of put me off digging a little deeper into her repertoire.  Thanks to my darling daughter, however, who made me a Mommy Birthday Mix this week which included a FATM song that I'd never heard, I spent a few minutes youtube-ing her, only to discover, to my great delight, that she has a pretty deep library of tunes that, for the most part, I adore.

It doesn't hurt that she's mesmerizing to watch, and has an Annie Lennox kind of range, but I actually like the tunes and I LOVE her covers.

Check her out!


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