Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No, I'm not kidding...

I've lost it.

I know I've lost it because I want to buy a goat. Really. Not just one goat, I want a little herd. Heard of goats? I've heard of goats. Ahem!

OH MY GOD, aren't they the cutest things EVER?

Now, these particular goats, because they are pygmies, aren't really that "useful"...I mean, they aren't here to be milked as a source for a thriving cottage chevre industry or anything functional like that. These are strictly adorable, oranmental goats that would frolick and cavort in my little pasture, wiling away the day as they nibbled on dandelions and awaited my return from work so that they could canter by my side as the sun went down.

While they may not leap for the frisbee or chase a stick, they could keep my lawn trimmed and I would not have to put them in everytime they started barking. They could probably live in my basement, and I bet they'd even be content to lie on the sofa with me watching hours and hours of True Blood.

I could get them little crates, and take them on vacation with me to the mountains. I could get them collars and little leashes and we could hike together all Heidi-like through the heather.

I must have these goats. Just as soon as I procure a pasture.

Photo courtesy of petsintouch.com

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