Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh hello there!

I AM alive, just a little busier than usual.

I AM also on a bit of a hiatus this weekend, which means I have time to check in (with myself, with a few friends, with my blog...)

Just finished a brisk walk on the beach somewhere along the seashore in Maryland.  Sunny, chilly and altogether lovely.  Having a cocktail, planning an evening of "out and about" with some friends.  Should be fun. 

I've long had a practice of utilizing a "bar name" for nights such as these.  It started in college, I believe, when my sister and I developed  this as a method for dealing with creepers.

I believe we even had full alternative personalities (histories, demographics) to accompany our stage names.  It was entertaining, so it stuck. 

It continues to be useful.  Last night was full of drunken, windburned golfers.  From what I can see, tonight will be full of bikers (as it is apparently "Bike Week(end?)" here.  The Hooters parking lot is chock full of Harleys.  (This is NOT a stop on our itinerary).

Sometimes its fun to just NOT be yourself.  The real me has too much to do waiting back at work for me, upcoming weeks of end of school and high school graduation busy-ness and anxiety.  The fake me, however, is busy working on a novel, and contemplating purchasing a pied a terre in Paris.  If only for a weekend, it's relaxing and cathartic to be someone else. 

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