Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home again and gratefully so

Things you do NOT want to hear your pilot say:

"OOOPS, Sorry about that folks, we got a little too close to that airplane ahead of us. I'm just going to swing her around and try that landing again!"

Really? Because I already don't love flying so much that I occasionally force complete strangers sitting next to me to hold my hand during takeoff and landing (b/c that's when you stand the greatest chance of crashing, and I reason that at least I won't die alone, someone, anyone will be holding my hand)and that didn't really help.

And, oh, just for the record, I noticed something was "up," dear Captain, b/c of the Gs you pulled banking right that caused my drink to land in my lap. But that's cool, I managed to live to see another day and I'm grateful for that, so thanks for the reminder.

I'm grateful for a lot of things, and stood in my bedroom last night upon my return and consciously thanked the universe for its many blessings this week. Thankful for the safe travels, the beautiful weather, the harmonious family time, everyone's good health, and the ability to be conscious of all of those things as they unfolded.

I have a million things to do suddenly, errands to run, bills to pay, shelves to stock, school schedules to fix, supplies to purchase, missed miles to run, blogs to write and, oh, right, work to catch up on....but it's all good. I will try to do all these things while hanging on to my groovy vacationed bliss state of mind remembering the very recent feel of beach beneath my feet and cool, dry sunshine on my skin as I leaned out over the ferry railing to wave goodbye to what always feels like a completely different planet out West.

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