Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Because she was discombobulated (couldn't find agenda, couldn't find backpack etc.) we ended up driving our darling velociraptor DAUGHTER to school this morning. 

"It can't be easy being her" mused my husband. 

I pointed out it wasn't easy being any of us. 

He laughed and said "You've made great progress though, my dear.  Remember when I met you, you could barely hold your own with strangers!" 

He's not wrong.  I was a self conscious, awkward social mess (Not my fault, I completely blame bizarre family dynamics when I was growing up.  The fact that I ended up marrying the world's biggest extrovert can only have been a very very good thing for me in the long run) 

He continued, "I knew that would take a while to resolve, and it wasn't even my biggest concern." 

"Oh nooooo?" 

"Nope.  It was your inability to throw a Frisbee that was almost the deal breaker!"   

He was dead serious.  And that's really funny to me.  I'm pretty sure that laughter is the only truly effective marital glue. 

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