Monday, March 14, 2011

Date night

Last night I went on the perfect date. We started out strolling along our pedestrian mall, in the late afternoon sunshine. There were scads of people, many of whom I knew, so we stopped to hug and chat and catch up with people as we walked. We listened to all the street musicians, did a little window shopping, and then decide to have a light dinner at one of my favorite French bistros. We sat on their patio for an hour and watched the world go by.

We talked about art, and politics, education and music. My date was charming and intelligent, witty and clever and very, very funny. We befriended the waiter. We waved to friends. I drank in both the last of the day’s sunshine and two glasses of a delicious Cabernet before the sun dipped below the tallest surrounding buildings. We shared a cheese plate and lots of delicious crusty bread and we splurged on an order of profiteroles for dessert. There was nowhere else I would rather have been.

After dinner we walked to the movie theatre and went to see The King’s Speech which was poignant and delightful. We discussed English history as we walked back to our car afterwards. We sat in the driveway for a few minutes when we got home, subconsciously preparing for re-submersion into reality.

I kissed my date goodnight, and I went off to bed, and she went off to finish her chemistry homework, like the diligent and darling daughter that she is.

I hope she asks me out again soon.

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