Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I love

Kashi Frozen Entrees - Lemongrass Coconut Chicken

It's a challenge to find some sort of healthy meal I can eat at work that either isn't either full of processed CRAP or that I didn't have to slave away at home to make the night before.

The upsides to this product are:

I recognized most of the ingredients and they're minimally processed.
Nutritional content is decent (though, unfortunately, high on the sodium least i'm drinking a low sodium V8 with it).
FANTASTIC ZIPPY LEMONGRASS FLAVOR that tastes freshly grated!
Moderately priced, I believe I paid $3.39, which isn't bad.

They have other frozen meal products as well, which I'll try now, since that one was such a hit....but I'm guessing this one will be the highlight of the line. We'll see.

The Shamrock Half Marathon

Where you can find me and my crazy friends running in a few weeks....we'll be the ones in green tutus, beads, and other ridiculous St. Paddy's Day gear. Can't wait!

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