Monday, August 29, 2011

Calling All Mothers

If you have a teenage daughter, this post is for you.

I went in to school early this morning to help my daughter change a class assignment. While there, I made two shocking discoveries.

One….many of your daughters are inappropriately dressed. And I mean, really, seriously, inappropriately dressed.

If your daughter’s dress is so short that when she bends over to pick up her backpack the entire lobby of guidance can see not only her polka dot thong but also her barely covered hooha, then that dress is not appropriate for school. Or, I would argue, anywhere else.

If your daughter’s shorts are so short that I can see the bottoms of her cheeks, those shorts are too short. This is not appropriate for school. Or anywhere.

If your daughter’s top is so low cut that I can see her sternum, it’s too low. This is not appropriate for school. Or anywhere.

Moms, PLEASE! I realize it is hard raising teenagers. I realize that you have to pick your battles carefully, but, personally, I think this is a battle that should have been chosen, fought AND won by you.

And the second discovery is :

My daughter is a bit of a prude.

Thank you Lord.

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