Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Lady of the Perpetual Chauffeur

My daughter invented a new word:

Syllabuster:  When the course information is so long you can't even read it any more.

She's a funny girl.

She is also a relatively new member of the Papal Jihad, as my husband calls it, which I support, but do not completely understand. 

When faced with the dilemma of having double booked herself during the times her church has confession (sorry, "reconciliation") I offered that she could just confess to me, thereby saving us a trip to town.  Apparently it does not work that way. 

I have a theory that her participation in regular reconciliation is having a Hawthorne Effect on her behavior (because she is counting transgressions she is therefore, naturally, less likely to commit them in the first place) and I suggested that perhaps we should have her brother go, too.  Apparently it does not work that way. 

Other than this new found faith in a Catholic higher power necessitating that I do lots and lots of driving back and forth to church for various and sundry meetings I'm not exactly sure how it does work, but I truly hope that a license and a car are at the top of her prayer list. 

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