Monday, January 14, 2013

Holding pattern

I am in love.  Her name is Susan, and she works at my gym.  My gym has a "spa."  That's where she works, specifically.  She snorts when she uses the word "spa" which made me like her immediately.  She does body work.  (This is somehow different from "massage" which is why I booked the appointment with her in the first place, and in hindsight, it was my lucky day.)

She's older.  And bald.  And kind of out there.  And very, very wise. 

She's one of those people who can put their hands on your body and within minutes are saying things like "aaaaaah"  "hmmmmmm" and "yes, I see."  At one point she said "wow, that's quite a holding pattern you've got going on there."  This from rubbing a gnarly spot in my shoulder....not from dipping her fingers into my grey matter.  Uncanny.

I went to someone else a few years ago who also had this gift.  He freaked me out a little, because I didn't realize there were people in the world who were like that.  Fortunately, that experience paved the way for this one, so rather than flying off the table in a panic, I was able to relax.  (re: "leaning in to things" from a previous post)

In any event.  She told me a few things that I knew about myself, but I guess I needed to hear.

1.  I hold on to things I should let go.  They are manifesting in my body in a way that appears to be detrimental on a level that perhaps can only be percieved at the moment by her fingertips, but are likely to mushroom in to bigger fungus eventually.

2.  I need to learn how to breathe.  I am a breath holder from waaaaaaaaay back.  I grew up holding my breath (and not because I was trying to get my way) and I guess I never stopped.  Every job I've had has had some element where I have a "good" reason to hold my breath, both literally and figuratively. 

I have determined that these things should become areas of focused improvement this year. 

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