Thursday, January 24, 2013


I went out last night to see a band I love, Yonder Mountain String Band.  Prior to departure I spent 10 minutes standing, paralyzed in my closet trying to figure out what to wear.  Factors to consider included: 
  • single digit temperatures outside
  • hot humid inside the venue
  • tired
  • needed shoes good for dancing but also good for protecting toes
  • comfy
  • no trendy band tshirts
  • layers
  • nothing shlumpy
This easily explains the paralysis.  Eventually my daughter came and found me and in a gesture of kindness attempted to dress me.  This!  No, that's shlumpy.  This!!! No, that's dumb...etc.

We arrived upon something, eventually, which met all of the criteria.

She surveyed me for a moment afterwards.  "Good.....that's definitely your look."  "I have a look???"   "Sure, you have this executive barnyard kind of look." 

Who knew?  Is that like....I OWN the barn yard (hopefully)?  She wasn't interested in sticking around to discuss.

In any event.  The show was great.  Until I walked out of the theater at 12:30 and discovered that it was SNOWING to beat the band!

Here's what the drive home looked like:

It was quite pretty when I got home.  (I meant to take a pic, but turns out I was videotaping instead)


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