Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White Space

Have discovered a blog that I really like. It's a blog about ideas, and I just love a good idea. I keep trying to have an original one myself, only to discover that someone else has already had it. And that's okay, because at least it's validating, and in the process of searching, I discover a whole lot of ideas that I didn't have but am now exposed to.

The blog is: It's full of all these really cool idea proposals and idea manifestos and if I didn't start feeling guilty about not working, at some point, forty-five minutes into delving, I could spend all day there reading other people's super ideas.

The idea I came across today was about the need to add more "white space" to our lives. A-fricking-men people.

The particular manifesto can be found here:

It started off a little, um, pretentiously, for me, but i'm probably just not smart enough to determine how much of it was tongue in cheek.

In any event, he (Terry Barber) points out our collective need to add more "white space" to our lives and has a few suggestions including the following:

Choose faith, not worry

Worry and fear are usually not things that you schedule into your day. But just like five-pound weights on your feet while you try to walk, worry and fear will slow you down and quickly eat away at the margins of your life. However, remember that the opposite of worry is not calm. It’s faith. Faith that things will indeed work out whether you know exactly how or not. Faith that even if the worst happens, it’s still going to be OK because you are part of a more global “canvas,” and God has already seen the final painting. Faith is not mere intellectual assent. Neither is faith a feeling. Faith is a verb. It’s being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. With it, you will increase your life’s margins exponentially. Without it, you will surely live a crowded and preoccupied life.

Thanks to him, for the great ideas. I am defiitely in need of some white space, both physically and metaphysically.

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