Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite emails from my children

I've gotten some hilarious emails from my children over the years.

For example, the one where my daughter tells me that she doesn't feel well, has researched her symptoms on webMD, thinks she has X and would I please make an appt with her pediatrician.  (She was correct, by the way.)

Then the one that I get from her one day when she's home, and I'm at work, that reads "What the hell is that beeping noise?!?!?!?!?!!?"  (I love that they still think I'm psychic.  Turns out it was a battery in a smoke detector).

The one that reads "GAWD....crazy people irritate me."

This one that I love b/c it so accurately reflects 8th grade angst:

Starts with me forwarding her an email from the PTO asking for parent chaperones for the 8th Grade End of Year Dance:

ME:  I was thinkinging Daddy and I would be CHAPERONES!  So fun!

HER:  hahahahahahhahahahahahahah.  NO.  Mrs. X will be there!  She knows me!!  Good enough, right?  *pleading eyes*

ME:  no, i thought daddy and I should come and support you, since we really haven't been at anything this year.  plus, i can't remember the last time he and i went to a dance together, so that would be so fun for us!
maybe we can teach your friends some of our cool old dances!  *excited eyes*

HER:  oh, thats too bad  i actually thought it would be cool to be one of those teens who loved their parents


I routinely wonder how different my relationship with my mother would have been if we (a) had called each other ridiculous nicknames and (b) had access to instant communication.

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