Friday, April 22, 2011

Heaven help me

I had a tutorial this morning with our Director of Emerging Technology, on some new(ish) programs that she thought I might find useful.  Of course, since it's her JOB, she's tooling around in all kinds of cool things I've never even heard of. 

She turned me on to Evernote

SUPER DUPER COOL!  I got so excited about the promise of the hyper organization that it might bring to my life that I actually got a little verklempt!

Her:  "Oh my GOD, are you crying????"
Me:  "Yes, dammit, I'm crying, I am SO HAPPY, but also, i'm SO TIRED that everything is making me cry, so it's partially that i'm just so happy about this and partially because I haven't had a decent nights sleep in days and i'm just a basket case, i'm SO SORRY but I think you just saved my life!"

Then SHE starts crying

Me:  "Oh my GOD, are YOU crying now???"

Her:  "Yes, because I was having such a sucky day, and I didn't want to come in to work, because I am SO TIRED because my toddler is sick, but now I'm SO HAPPY that I made YOU happy and you totally just made my day."

So there we are, in the conference room, booohoooing because we are just one big hot mess of tired crazy.

Thank GOD it is Friday people!

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