Monday, November 5, 2012


Yipes!  Full frost on my car this morning.  It is a double cashmere kind of day out there.  (Sweater AND scarf....shout out to Goodwill for keeping me in cheap cashmere.  Here's a trick, folks, if you're a little feeling daunted ....just walk the length of the sweater aisle at Goodwill, and run your hand across all of the sleeves.  You can FEEL the cashmere, after a little practice.  There are some older acrylic sweaters out there, posing as cashmere, but a quick peak inside the label will confirm or deny your suspicions.  Also, make sure you check the MEN's sweaters, too.  Men wear cashmere, and, if it's an XL and you would swim in it, contemplate taking it home and washing it.  This experiment as worked well for me.  ALSO...moths seem to zero in on cashmere, so plan ahead for that!)

Anyhoo.  Kids have school off today, and my daughter came in with me to work a few hours at her part time gig here at the hospital. 

As I squeezed my little sedan into its parking space between two monster vehicles she said "Ugh!  I just can't imagine a sport that really needs THAT much utility!"  Ha ha ha.  Love her. 

Stay warm out there.  My heart goes out to everyone on the coast who has neither shelter nor electricity.  May help arrive for them soon.

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