Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I like

In no particular order:

Larabars  - specifically the lemon flavor (4g of fiber, the equivalent of a 1/2 serving of fruit, with big ol' pieces of nuts scattered throughout). delish!  this bar is so hip, it even has its own BLOG:

The fact that finally someone had demonstrated that diet soda will kill you.  I keep telling the kids that the artificial ingredients therein actually turn into formaldehyde in your brain, but they didn't believe me, and now, it's been proven there is a link between consumption of soda and strokes (and heart attacks, etc.)  HA!  Get thee hence diet soda, we'll have no more of your fizzy shenanigans!

The fact that both my children are on-line blogging about music.  I mean, Wow!  I gave birth to them, but I pretty much feel like everything they've accomplished since has been kind of in spite of that fact.  They are phenomenal people about whom I am indescribably proud.  (And I know I will have to beg them to spend time with me a lot sooner than I want or want to admit.)

This new cd by the David Wax Museum.  Check out the live clips on their website:  C'mon now, how often does a band come along that makes you want to jump up and dance to a song about broken hearts?    

She plays the donkey jaw bone.  Yes.  It's not to be missed!

Honorable mention to Mother Nature for the weather forecast, which predicts something at least masquerading as Spring headed our way this weekend. 


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