Friday, June 3, 2011

Driving my daughter

I think I warned you all that I was going to blog about this eventually.  I hate how quicly "eventually" becomes "now" sometimes.

Last night I sat through a two hour, REQUIRED, parent seminar on drivers ed training.  (Required, as in, if I didn't receive a certificate of completion, my daughter could not receive her DL.  They are not fooling around.)

If I wasn't nervous about her getting behind the wheel before, I am scared to EFFING DEATH now!  Seriously, I had to start fanning myself half way through because I was having a full blown panic attack. 

It wasn't just the stories off all the beautiful children who died horrible tragic deaths, the boy who was picked up by 4 of his friends, while he was walking home one afternoon.  The friends, drving a Volvo stationwagon (duh, the safest!), were coming home from a CHURCH YOUTH GROUP, and they saw him walking, so they stopped to get him.  Only, instead of crawling in the back seat and buckling up between the two kids there, he hopped in the cargo area.  You can see this coming....the driver got distracted, ran off the road, hit a tree.  The four belted kids survived, the fifth kid flew forward, through the windshield and died.  And guess what?  His father was a COP and his mom was a DRIVERS ED TEACHER.  I kid you not.  Fairfax County, VA.  (bet you didn't see that last part coming did you?!)

So, if that wasn't enough, he told all these stories about just the dumb mistakes they will make learning, and then had instructions that we parents should do to be good "coaches."  By the end of it, not only do I not want her to drive, ever, but I'm not sure I want to drive again, ever.  SHEEZ.

But seriously, it did make me realize that I need to pay more attention when I drive.  I had already vowed not to talk on the phone and drive, and I'm doing pretty well with that.  (I'd do a whole lot better if my husband would stop calling me all the time while I'm driving....but, one step at a time)  But, just the whole "paying attention" thing could use a little more work.  Probably for all of us.  Just saying.

Did you know that after 10 p.m. 1 in 10 people are driving under the influence?  After midnight it is 1 in 3 people.  HOLY SHITE.  Again, my mother was correct when she pointed out to me in high school that "nothing good ever happens after midnight." 

So.  A word to the wise, that my daughter is about to be behind the wheel.  Only, I'm not sure who needs the all about her.....or her about the rest of you.

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