Monday, June 6, 2011

Movie Review

I'd had my eye on the movie Animal Kingdom for a while.  It started with an interview I heard on NPR back when the film came out a year plus ago.  The lead actress, Jackie Weaver, has a cool voice, and I enjoyed trying to imagine what she looked like.  (I was close).  Of course she's huge in Australia, but I'd never heard of her.  The interview with the Director, and what he was trying to achieve with the film was quite compelling.
Neither it, nor any of its actors won Academy Awards, but were nominated, which is significant.

It is finally available on Net Flix (streaming, even) and I would recommend it.

I found it dark and it made me that finger-on-the-pause-button kind of way.

In our age of gratuitous violence, this is fairly tame, but if you're paying attention and not completely desensitized, it is shocking and disturbing and brilliantly done, in my humble opinion.

Would highly recommend and I'll watch it again. 


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