Monday, June 20, 2011

Sick of S'mores?

I have a new campfire favorite!

My daughter turned us on to these this weekend....she made them last summer on a sailing trip.

You bake brownies IN a hollowed out orange.  OMG.  So delicious!!!

This photo and directions for preparing this mind blowing treat can be found here:

It turns out there are numerous variations on this theme (including cake mix, muffin mix, etc.)

We went for the full on Ghiradelli dark chocolate brown mix (and I think she added more chocolate chips).

You pre-mix the batter, put it in a ziploc bag, in your cooler.  Bring a bag of oranges, cut the tops off, give everyone a spoon.  They hollow out their oranges, and then you can squeeze the brownie mix out of the bag into the oranges.  They really expand, so half full is plenty.  You can put the top back on the orange, or not, cover in foil, stick in the coals.  Cooking time varies, so it's good to do a "test" brownie first.


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