Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I think I've posted about this woman, Brene Brown, before.  I think she's pretty wise, if only in that "aw shucks, will you just LOOK at how crazy we are.....what a hoot!"  kind of way.

This post ("nesting+play") on her blog hit home with me:

She says, and I quote:  "I'm as sane as my house is organized."

Well, duh!  That's going on my headstone as I clearly will die young(ish) of insanity.

I keep trying to explain this to my husband.  Which brings me to a slight digression:

Why is it when people agree with us too quickly it feels insincere?  I pointed out to him that sometimes, when I tell him something (like my rant on how crucial it is that everyone put the toilet lid down, pick up their dirty underwear and wipe the jelly off the kitchen counter), he has a tendency (because, clearly he's heard this speech before and knows what's coming) to cut me off and just tell me that "he's on it," and instead of making me happy, this irritates me.  I should be happy, right, because he's hearing me and he's responding affirmatively, and yet, because he didn't REALLY hear me all the way OUT, he's undercut the sincerity of his response.

Yes.  I am this complicated.  I am, possibly, a little challenging to live with.  But you know what?  I'm just fine with that, because it's valid. I paid for it, I own it, and I'm not putting it out on a table in front of my house on a Saturday morning with a .50 cent tag on it any time soon.   

Coming back to Brene Brown, however, she makes a valid and not unfamiliar point in her blog post, about balance and the fact that the adage "all work and no play probably turns you into a bitter b*tch at some point" didn't become well known for nothing.

Food for thought my lovelies, food for thought.

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