Monday, January 16, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

A recent group email between me, my sister, and my two female cousins about the beauty industry (etc.) resulted in one cousin saying "Perhaps that is why nature intended for our eyesight to start failing at the same time our bodies do."  (So that we can't really see what's happening to us)

She is very very wise.

I didn't get glasses until I turned 40, and then I only wore them for reading.  I'm now sporting bifocals and I cannot read, AT ALL, without them.  I got into the shower last week them on.  This was a frightening first.

For Christmas, I asked the kids to get me one of those magnifying make up mirrors that women (of a certain age?) have in their bathrooms.  I wanted this, because I can no longer apply mascara without wearing my glasses...which is a complete catch-22.  I'm not sure what looks worse, ultimately, putting it on w/out the glasses, or trying to put it on with.

In any event, I was very excited to get my mirror.  Until I looked in it.  HOLY SHIT.  Is that what you all really see when you look at me?  I was speechless.  Utter shock, horror and panic ensued.  I've recovered slightly since, but I still have to steel myself, slightly, before I look each morning.  The upside is that the eyeliner goes on straight now, but the downside is I find myself trying to maneuver for more personal space when speaking with people so they can't get too close.

I'm writing to ask for your help.  Until I manage to have a glycolic peel, or a lift, when you look at me, please apply the soft lighting filter in your mind.  I would really appreciate that. 

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