Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I love

I sing all the time.  In the car.  In the house. In the shower.  In my office. Running.  Running in the gym with my headphones on.  (oh yes, I AM that person)  I don't sing that well (and I'm not being modest), I can carry a tune a short distance, but then it inevitably gets away from me and that's that.

Singing tops the list of things I wish I could do really really well. 

One of my favorite female vocal talents is Aoife (pronounced eee-fah) O'Donovan, of the band Crooked Still (among other projects.)  I love the breathlessness with which she packs her particular punch.

Speaking of punches, she has teamed up with one of my favorite male vocal talents, Chris Thile, of the Punch Brothers (formerly founding member of Nickel Creek), and the two of them have several numbers that are part of The Goat Rodeo Sessions (which, if you're interested, is one of those rare congruences of stellar talent that rarely happen, but when they do leave you all tingly inside... )  You have to be really into music, I suppose, to appreciate the planetary alignment that had to have happened to pair Yo-Yo Ma and Chis Thile together.  Or perhaps it was a divine inevitability.  Either way, I am the better for it.

In the process they roped Aoife into the mix and produced this little number which has crawled under my epidermis and is happily dancing around in my squishy grey matter at the moment.

If you listen really, really, closely, at 0:28, Chris Thile whispers to himself "Don't fuck up!"  I LOVE that.  I just love that someone with his kind of talent still feels that kind of pressure.  I've seen them both live.  They're amazing. I've met her, and she's just as nice as can be, and apparently he is too.  I haven't met him, but my husband has.  I also love Yo-Yo's solo at!   I love the way Chris and Aoife look at each other.  I hope they are dating and that they get married and have a perfect musical baby.  That child would walk across water singing and playing to our ecstatic delight.

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