Tuesday, January 17, 2012

His Holiness

In this particular instance I happen to be referring to the Pope.

He's not necessarily "my" holiness, but I certainly refer to him respectfully and reverentially as the head of a major world religion.

A religion to which my darling daughter has decided to commit her faith, as it turns out.

If you know me, you know this is kind of a big deal.  I am not Catholic.  Not raised Catholic.  Don't line up or kneel down with the Catholics, etc. etc.  I have Catholic friends, I am certainly not anti-Catholic, but I'm a solid Protestant, so, for an offspring of mine to convert, willingly, enthusiastically (as it turns out), to this faith  is a bit of a metaphysical earthquake in my spiritual landscape. 

You know when you say to your children "I will support you no matter what?"  Well.  Here you go.

I've been drafting posts about this .... experience, and not posting them, because I am having trouble seeing the big picture, and all the posts are pretty specific.

So, here's the introduction to this topic of blogging so that I can get you all on the page with me.

We'll start off with this:
And then this:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papal_shoes  (which explains the history of the red shoes).

And finally, just to say that my daughter thinks the Pope is a really cool dude. 

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