Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Greetings

Is that one hell of a family photo for the Christmas Card or WHAT?

Before you forget to look closely and think, perhaps, that this is my brood, it certainly is not.  This is the family of one Mitt Romney. 

I love this photo.  This photo makes me think "Awww, shit!  I really should have had more kids!"

I'm not really sure (other than Mitt and Mrs. Mitt) who is who, but there is so much going on in this photo, I'm not really sure where to start.

1.  How about all that coordinating fabric?  I know this is a family "thing."  I get plenty of family pics at the holidays with the obligatory matching jeans and white tees at the beach shots.  Why, truth be known, our family wore "matching" ensemble in our large group photo this year.  Of course it was all Red Sox gear, and my husband is on the end in shorts, and we didn't pay anyone to capture this humiliating honor, we just did it ourselves, but nonetheless, I recognize this is an accepted practice.  That being said, checks AND polka dots are a brave brave choice.

2.  The kids with the untucked shirt and the tongue hanging out are my favorites.  Followed closely by the kid on the end with both an untucked shirt AND the eyes askance.  Is there food over there?  A pony?  His potential betrothed?  We'll never know.

3.  This is a good looking family.  Seriously.  Not a bad looking member in the bunch.  Maybe that's what Silas is looking at out of the corner of his eye....the member who had to sit out b/c they just didn't measure up this year.  There is no acne, no one is fat, no bad haircuts, I mean who ARE these people?

4.  Can you spot the rebels in the bunch?  Every family has them.  My money is on the couple in stripes.  She looks reallllllly tightly wrapped.

5.  What is up with Mrs. Mitt?  RED?  Really?  If that doesn't scream "I'm the matriarch of this effing family, and don't any of you EVER forget that" well, I just don't know what does!

A couple of lingering thoughts on the topic.

Is there even room in the White House for all these people?  It would be cheaper, certainly, to just keep the Obamas (from a food expense standpoint).  These kids have got to be able to put away some Cheerios.

At some point do we all need to have a collective conversation about the number of people on the planet VS the available resources?

Just asking.

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