Monday, January 23, 2012

Randomness on a Monday afternoon

I was stopped at a light this morning behind a car with a little bumper sticker of a lighthouse.  It didn't appear to be a particular lighthouse, it had no name, or anything, it was not an actual depiction, more of a little cartoon lighthouse and I was suddenly struck with how incredibly random that was.

I like lighthouses.  They're very cool.  Structurally, esthetically, historically, they evoke some emotion in us about being the lone beacon of light, ushering weary sailors onward, saving them from an unseen but perilous potential demise.  I get it.  Cool stuff.

That being said, thanks to GPS, lighthouses have been rendered somewhat obsolete in this day and age.  I know there are still some functioning, but the reality is, if our cars almost all have GPS installed, I can assure you that anything bigger than a lifeboat does too.  In which case, it's just a terribly random thing to think is worthy of slapping a likeness of on your bumper.  Right?

Why not pick something that actually does us a more consistent and relevant service to which you give props as you roll down the road.  Like, for example, water treatment plants.  I mean...holy about an unsung hero of the modern era, I promise you, water treatment plants have saved far more lives than any lighthouse.  Or what about power plants?  Without them, you couldn't even RUN your water treatment plant, so I have to bump them pretty far up the list.  Not very sexy though.  If lighthouses are the golden retriever puppy of the random architectural icon world, water treatment plants would be the skunks I guess.

Still.  Maybe it could catch on if I had the right graphic....

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