Monday, January 10, 2011

And that about sums it up....

We are on the verge of a snowpocalypse this evening. Or maybe just a dusting. Since weather forecasting is the only profession where people expect you to get shit wrong and they're STILL willing to pay you for your services, we never really know.

That being said, because of the 827 inches of snow we DID get last winter and the complete grinding to a halt of life as we knew it as a result thereof, my employer is now treading on the side of complete and totally absurd caution when it comes to any and all weather related activities.

Email I just received from the Boss:

Dear Cygnus

If the weather is bad, remember you are considered non-essential so please stay home.

To which I respond:

Uh, okay, but I think we're only supposed to get an inch or something.

To which she responds:

Not sure so stay safe no matter what happens.

I check the interweb for the forecast. 30% chance of snow showers for the next 24 hours, possible accumulation of....are you sitting down? 2 inches.

Being not a complete idiot, however, in spite of my being "non-essential" (wtf?), I respond:

Dear Boss,

Right you are. Please be advised that if I wake up and it even LOOKS like it MIGHT snow tomorrow, I will be staying home. I truly appreciate your concern.

You see, there are some UPSIDES to being non-essential:

Snow day in my jammies.

Saving time I could have been wasting harboring illusions about my potential path to corporate dominance in my current role here.


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