Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things I like today


New G. Love song Fixin' to Die (produced by the Avett Brothers, about whom I'm not terribly crazy, though I cannot give a good reasoning for this). G. Love is HOT, his harping is HOT, this song is HOT HOT HOT and is going to be a huge hit. Whew, I've got the vapors now. Lordy. Please google this immediately.

My brother, who, in spite of incurring a good 110 volt shock to the system in the process, resolved all of my nagging electrical issues in one fell swoop this weekend. He's a love.

Camelot (1967 - Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave) which I'm not sure I'd ever seen but is positively hilarious in an Alfred Hitchcock meets Dr. Zhivago and everyone goes on a road trip with Tom Jones (1963 Albert Finney) sort of way. I fell asleep laughing.



Hilarious (but only if you pronounce it thusly: Huh-LARRY-us)

Kerfluffle (an Opera Betty favorite http://operabetty.com/ for a skirmish)

Higgeldy Piggeldy (the state of both of my children's rooms at the moment)

Specious (which is oft repeated in the British period docudrama I'm watching at the moment, The Buccaneers, for something that appears valid or true, but is actually not, so is therefore misleading.)

Niggling (which is a wonderful word that has fallen from grace because, when not pronounced v-e-r-y--c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y can get one into trouble) I believe "needle" is used instead to describe something slight but persistently annoying.....as in I'm niggled by the fact that my dog keeps escaping from my yard....(though in this case my irritation level surpasses a niggle. Anyone want a canine fixer-upper project? She's cute but she's insane.)

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