Thursday, January 13, 2011

More gratitude and some other random shite

(Another in a series of posts which is tiding me over until I have something more pithy to report)

1. Low sodium V-8 (working on getting more veggies in)

2. Arugula (the real man's salad of I just love to SAY the word, it sounds like the noise that really old car horns used to make in the movies)

3. Automatic car washes (we all take these for granted, but truly, what a luxury to (a) own and car and (b) be able to wash it without ever having to get out of it!)

4. The fact that I do not live my life in a constant state of debilitating pain. I spent some time in the waiting room of our Pain Management Clinic yesterday. Holy God.

Why can I remember the opening to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (IN OLD ENGLISH) but I cannot find my car in the parking lot?

I have been watching The Bad Seed (the original) with my daughter, the post-modern film aficianado, which I'd never seen before and while campy is also brilliant and incredibly scary and I wonder if it is true that everyone grows up with an "adoption" complex (that at some point we all think we were adopted, in spite of the oftentimes obvious physical likeness that we may have to a parent). Do those of us who turn out to indeed be adopted just have a stronger sense of it? It isn't my family so much, to which I feel like I was adopted, but my life. Not sure what to do with that.

The teenage angsting of my darling son has begun in full force. Ditto on not knowing what to do with that. How do you help someone find the meaning for their own existence, and, truly, who am I to make any suggestions at all? Conundrum.

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