Monday, January 17, 2011


I am planning a trip to Paris. This will be my first trip in 15 years, and it will not take place for another 9 months, but I plan to actively immerse myself in planning and brushing up and everything that comes along with that between now and then because I am SO FREAKING EXCITED at the prospect that I might be there that I can hardly stand myself.

So, the warning part is that you, too, might not be able to stand me during and after all of this. Apologies in advance. I'll try to "code" my Paris-related entries so you can just skip them altogether when it gets to be too too much.

I lived in Paris for a year (which you might have picked up on if you've been following this from the very start....if not, what a great excuse to delve backwards into my self indulgent posts and catch up....start with the one about french penises). Paris is my favoritest city ever (followed by a tie between London and Venice) and I miss it terribly. It is a place where, finances willing, I would scoot off for just a weekend of R+R if I could. But I cannot. Indeed, as you see, it has been fifteen years since my last scoot. (Note to me: I promise I will not make you wait this long again ever ever!)

Okay. Back to work. Consider yourselves warned.

A toute a l'heure!


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  1. I'm starting to worry myself, since it's actually only been SIX years since I've been to Paris, and not FIFTEEN. A fitting omission somehow since the purpose of that trip was to celebrate my 40th b/d....i've clearly blocked that entire event out.