Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quote of the day

My brother and sister in law are farmers.  Not a 1,000 acres and a barn full of combines farmers, but more like 20 acres and a mule farmers.  In any event, it's always fun to go over there and see the animals.  My SIL is a bit of an animal whisperer.  Seriously.  She just has this way.  Her animals all LOVE her.  The pigs and cows come running when she walks to the fence.  The chickens follow her around the barnyard.  One of the roosters will rub up against her leg until she picks him up and then he'll just snuggle with her until she gets tired of him.

It is pretty adorable.  For the record, however, they do eat what they grow....as do we when there is enough to go around.  Best bacon I've ever had.    Anyhoo.  I get this text from her today:

"It just feels so wrong to be at the drive thru at Chik Fil A with a chicken in the back seat."     

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