Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates and stuff

So, the date went well.  My son's, that is, in case you're keeping score at home. 

He planned the date well, literally had it all mapped out...down to the time I was instructed to leave the house to pick them up after the movie.   The funny thing about planning, though, is that things rarely work out the way you anticipated, and it seemed (from the distance between where they were in the living room and where I was in the kitchen) that he was not totally prepared for the moments of down time.  If they get to know each other better, those moments will disappear (or they'll figure out they can spend them kissing).  Overall I was proud of him.  Especially the way he handled himself when said date's father appeared at the door.  He puffed up a little, I thought.  The father, that is.  He seemed sort of borderline "this is my daughter and I'm not sure your son is good enough," (which, clearly, is misguided, since it is more likely the opposite is true) but I just smiled a lot and chatted amiably until he left.  Those moments will probably diminish as well.

He was my captive audience in the car the day after which gave me the opportunity to have the serious "girls only want to have sex with you talk." 

I love being a mommy.  :)

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