Monday, March 5, 2012

Yin and Yang

The waves roll in, depositing a new layer of sand on the beach.  As the water receeds, it leaves a few on the top, shining and beautiful, but just for a few seconds, and then it rolls in again, pulling those glistening grains under, leaving a new collection on the top, burying the others underneath.

And so it goes.  For a few seconds at a time, we escape the cold water and we get to lie in the bright sunshine and sparkle, everything being perfect.  But it doesn't last for too long, because we always seem to have another spin cycle in our future.

But I think that's okay.  It's nature's way of polishing us. 

This weekend was a moment of sparkling in the sun with a friend I adore.  Followed, this morning, by a tumble in really cold water with another.

There are all kinds of platitudes about life not giving you more than you can handle.  Maybe that's true.  Or maybe it's true that we CAN actually handle anything life gives us, we just don't realize it until the time comes. 

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