Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It is EIGHTY DEGREES outside!

Seriously, Mother Nature, wth?  (I know you're just setting us up for some molten lava kind of August, right?)

The fact that I'm chained to a desk, clicking buttons to approve IT permission profiles for my 750 docs right now is almost too unbearable considering what's happening outside my window.

It makes me want to play hooky and go here:


This place is totally awesome. It is stuck in a random parking lot between a CVS and a Tractor Supply. There are 4-5 benches and a few trees, but people just pull up and stand around slurping the best ice cream ever!

Now, I realize those are strong words, because we all prefer different kinds of ice cream.  I am not a custard girl, or a fro-yo girl, and while I worked at B&Js many moons ago, and still love the product, sometimes they're just a little too much for me.

This stuff is good old soft serve.  Vanilla, Chocolate, and "Swirl." Keep it simple, right?  Of course they make milk shakes with add-ins (al la DQ, only way better) and banana splits and sundaes, but my favorite is a vanilla cone, dipped in chocolate. The kind that hardens instantly.  On a 70 degree day, you can eat the whole thing before the ice cream melts through the shell. On an 80 degree day, you just don't stand a chance, and if you don't order an empty bowl to go with your confection, your tongue will chase the melted marvel right off of its coney perch and onto the pavement.

This place personifies Summer for me.  Good thing it isn't within walking distance right now.

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