Friday, February 15, 2013


Crushes are wonderful, dangerous things.

I have a girl crush, at the moment, on this awesome woman my husband introduced me to.  She's fantastic.

I don't have a million girlfriends.  I have, oh.....7.  This woman makes 8. (No that does not include the fabulous women in my family who I also count as friends, but they HAVE to be my friends so that's somehow different).

In any event, unlike my husband who has over 1000 FB friends (I have under 100 and I'm constantly secretly unfriending people after applying my completely ridiculous "scrutinizing friend formula"....a topic for another blog), finding a new friend who I think has some staying power is, for me, statistically significant!

In any event, in the throes of being twitterpated with her phenomenal awesomeness, I took a giant step outside of my teeny comfort zone and went with her to an Adult Children Of Alcoholics meeting. 

She is, and yes, I am, too.  And that's a long story, which I've never had any attention of telling here.  So, without "going there" here, it's necessary to at least allude to it in order to process the experience.

While I've done a little delving into this category of human being (children of) sitting in a room full of them was definitely axis tilting.  I almost got a crick in my neck from nodding the whole time.  It was definitely one of the more visceral experiences I've had in a long time.  I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got sad.  It was a little nuts, and at this point I never ever want to go back and do that again. 

I can, however, see the utility of actually D E A L I N G with some of that S T U F F that came up.

It presents a very interesting opportunity to practice all that "leaning in" I've mentioned previously.

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