Thursday, February 14, 2013

The yin and yang of troll feet

"I am sick of running."

My husband just looks at me. 

"Really.  I never want to run again."

He smiles.  "You're not REALLY sick of running.  You are in a relationship with running.  You are a runner."

Hmmmpf.  I start throwing things around in my closet and ignore him.

He's right, of course.

But, at some point, don't we all sort get sick of just about everything?  I do.  Certainly.

Right now I'm sick of running.

I'm mostly sick of running because it just kind of sucks.  I am about to punk out on my second race in the same year and that sucks.  I just cannot get it together.  I fell last weekend and crunched my knee and now it hurts (more than usual) to run so I really don't feel like doing it and that just makes me mad and grumpy.

This kind of made me laugh though:
Troll Feet

SO TRUE, because my toes are so gnarly from being crunched into the end of my shoes that I'm afraid to walk around in flip flops any more for fear of scaring small children.

You're probably asking yourself WHY I continue to run then. 

It's a good question.  Obviously, because I love running.

It's complicated.

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