Tuesday, February 12, 2013

They do!

A friend of my sister's (from high school....many many moons ago now) just married (at the tender age of 45 or so).

I love the wedding announcement that was in our paper:


I loved it at first, because the parents refer to "unloading their fourth princess" which is just hilarious.  There were four daughters, obviously, and they did have a bit of fairly tale existence, but that's just genius!! 

I loved it a little more now, reading it a few weeks later, realizing the the Boeing Dreamliner did, indeed, deliver them home safely from Japan to Seattle, as outlined therein, which, in retrospect, was a freaking miracle.

I'm sure, in their newlywedded bliss, they had no idea at the time how close they came to dying a fiery death.  Life is funny that way. 


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