Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's a Southern Thing

I consider myself to be a Southern girl.  Even though I was born outside the Continental U.S., it was definitely south and then I moved to Virginia where I spent my formative years.

I know that I am a Southerner mainly because the sight of the Confederate flag in no way makes me scared or angry.

I associate the Confederate flag with a jaw dropping history, bad and good, much of which happened right here under my feet.

While I abhor racist principles (which certainly did not go away just because we changed flags), I understand the whys and the hows and certainly many of the whos and the wheres.  I find it fascinating.

There are things I LOVE about living in the South which include, but are not limited to the following, in no particular order:

Southern Hospitality
Southern Manners
The pace (though, to quote an oft turned phrase.....We are Southern, not stupid)
Design esthetic

My new gal pal turned me on to this publication (which I was disappointed not to already know about):

Holy cow.......I love this magazine. 

If you live in the South and haven't read must.  If you'recoming to visit the South.... you must.

I'm going to Savannah this May for work, where I've not been since I was a young teenager.  I am SUPER excited to do some exploring there.  Hell, I might even buy a guide book!

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