Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Autopsy Number Two (again.....not for some of you)

This one, while more interesting than the last because the head had been thawed out longer therefore making the interior exploration much more realistic (apparently), this head was also (because of said thawing) much closer to it's living state than the previous.  Plus he still had a full head of hair, which the last one did not.  Apparently that's because the first one was older....and not, as I naively suspected, because they routinely shave the heads of the cadavers.  In this regard, it was a little more unsettling.  I think it might be easier if I knew the head were attached to the rest of its body.  Somehow.  It's a little weird that it's just sitting there, propped up all by itself.

Anyhoo....this guy had an amazingly deviated septum.  Kind of interesting. 

This individual was also black.  Or brown.  In any event, not white.  And, while it is clearly obvious, I found myself struck, anew, at how very much the same "color" we are on the inside!!!

TRUST ME....several times a day now, I take a deep breath in and contemplate where all of that air is going inside my sinus cavities.  All six of them or whatever.  And then I express gratitude for the fact that my body continues to function another day.


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