Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Overheard at the gas station. Scene One

Scene opens with my husband pumping gas next to a mother with a teenage daughter and younger son.  Clearly the teenage daughter has been dishing out some attitude about which the mother has finally become exasperated.

Mom:  "Oh really?  Okay fine.  You want to do this?  Go ahead and roll up on me with your baby high school PMS then.  REALLY?"

Daughter:  (Cannot get a word in)

Mom:  "That's fine.  Because I got some real have-three-kids-working-two-job-PMS and I will take you out with your bullsh*t......"

Car doors close.

Son looks awkwardly (yet familiarly so) out the car window.

"baby high school PMS".......I love people.

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